When choosing the right type of bunk beds for your child’s room, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Back in the day, there used to be only one type of bunk bed. But nowadays you have as many as 17 different types of bunk beds to choose from. To help sort all this out, we put together a list of the different types of bunk beds.


Traditional bunk beds are usually designed in a modern way with solid colors in a rectangular shape. They are usually slim and neat so as to save space for smaller bedrooms. This type of bunk bed would be popular in traditional homes.


Rustic bunkbeds are usually made of bare wood or have a bare wood style finish. Some people may find rustic bunkbeds on interesting. They are normally one color, and don’t have a whole lot of unique features. However, they go great and log cabin or rustic style homes.


Contemporary bunk beds usually come with a lot of storage space built into them. These type of bunk bed options can be more expensive. Many of them have drawers that slide out and shelves on one end or the other that you can put books, electronics, or knickknacks on. They have more sleep space than traditional bunk beds and they go great for older children say in the middle school area.


Industrial bunk beds are usually a loft type of bed and he are usually made of metal. The framework is usually skinny and metallic black or matte black. The standard frame would pretty much suit any style or situation. I believe they look especially good in loft type living scenarios. Since they only have one bed on the top, they present a lot of storage space underneath.

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