Choosing the correct speakers for your computer is a personal choice. While the task and of itself can seem daunting, rest assured that you can absolutely find the perfect sound system for your personal computer. I have gone ahead and put together a comprehensive list of the types of computer users and match them to what I believe would be the right type of sound system for their computers.

The Occasional User

The occasional computer user would fall under the category of someone who uses a computer a couple of times a week. These users may only use it to print things like recipes, schoolwork, or an occasional letter that they’ve typed. Occasional computer users don’t spend a whole lot of time at their computers, therefore the sound system that would appeal to an occasional user won’t be all that significant. The occasional computer user is looking for something along the lines of a smaller low and Bluetooth speaker. Most computers nowadays have Bluetooth built into them. The Bluetooth speaker will connect to your computing device without having to run any wires between the speaker in your computer. Some of these lower and Bluetooth speakers can pack quite a punch when it comes to base mids and highs. And you can get all of this big punch without knocking the wind out of your pocketbook. Many lower and Bluetooth speakers go for $20-$40.

The Netflix Junkies

You knew I was going to throw the Netflix junkies in to this list. Being a Netflix junkie myself, I can say that watching many of the shows that I watch wouldn’t be the same without some good audio going into my ears. For Netflix junkies, or Hulu junkies, or any type of YouTube junkie or media junkie in general, you’re going to want a little bit more of a mid range speaker set up. You can still stick with Bluetooth but you’re going to be in the $80-$150 range. I personally prefer to buy some Logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers complete with a base box. Back in the day, you used to be able to pick a set of these up for under $50. But no more! Now you’ll be breaking into the bank for at least $100 bill. But rest assured, it is completely worth it if you want to hear all the thunderous base in your Netflix binging moments along with the mids and the tweets.


Much like the Netflix junkies, musicians will cart require a mid to high end speaker set up. If you are a musician who only listens to music on your computing device, I would recommend staying in the mid range speaker set up. However, if you are a musician who records music through GarageBand, ProTools, or other recording software, I would highly recommend going with a little higher and speakers. These are going to run you in the two to $400 range. Go Google Pyle or Bose speakers for computers. These are the types of speaker systems that you’re going to want in order to hear every little nuance in what you are recording as a musician.